Sugar cravings and sobriety

This could save your sobriety.  Seriously. It’s that important.
If you’re an alcoholic, either active or in recovery, you’re almost certain to be hypoglycemic  And managing that condition could easily make all the difference between staying sober and yet another failed attempt.

The scientific explanation…
A three-year study by Robert Meiers, M.D., in Santa Cruz, California, found that more than 95 percent of alcoholics studied suffered from low blood sugar.  AA. Williams has found that a vast majority of his sober alcoholic patients are hypoglycemic.

Tintera, M.D strongly believes that the treatment of alcoholism “centers essentially about control of hypoglycemia… by far the most important part of the physiological treatment of alcoholics is the complete restriction of easily absorbed carbohydrates.”  Until their severe fluctuations in blood sugar are stabilised, Tintera warns that alcoholics will be predisposed to depression and what only appear to be “deep-rooted emotional or psychiatric disorders.”

It simply means…
Whether you’re just getting sober or you’ve been dry for years, your recovery depends upon avoiding the hypoglycemic roller-coaster  If not, you can expect to experience symptoms such as:
Anxiety, irritability, depression, insomnia, fatigue, restlessness, shakiness, sweating, confusion and a strong desire to drink!*

Sound familiar? Sounds just like how you felt when you first stopped drinking? That’s no accident, as it turns out.  If you just keep on eating all those refined carbohydrates like white flour and sugar, you can expect to feel like you’re on an emotional roller-coaster and Your cravings for alcohol will be as strong as ever. That’s not the recipe for a serene, peaceful, strong recovery. That’s the recipe for relapse.

You can banish symptoms and correct the underlying processes by following a healthy new diet and taking some more nutrition supplements.
Firstly, give up the sweets, Candy bars, Cola, Cookies, Ice cream, most alcoholics begin to crave sweets as soon as they go on the wagon. Small wonder! Did you ever think about the similarities between sugar and alcohol? Both are carbohydrates with no nutritional value-all you get from them is calories. Both are absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Garlic prawns with whole wheat pasta, spinich and pine nuts, steamed broccoli and leak.

It is important to eat all the snacks, nuts will prevent the drop in blood sugar that normally occurs about two hours after a meal.  So that’s not too bad – good food, lots of it, and snacks. And as an added bonus, if you’re faithful to this new way of eating you can expect to drop to a healthy weight and stay there.

The food tips…
•One meal each day should consist largely of vegetables. Big salads will do the trick.

•When buying food, read labels carefully. Most canned soup and juice, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, salad dressing, and canned vegetables contain sugar and/or starch. You can get sugar- free products 

•Do not use any food that lists sugar among the first four ingredients on the label.

•Throw out junk food containing refined sugar. You will be snacking on healthy foods frequently so you won’t feel hungry. 

•Choose foods that are as close to their natural state as possible: fresh vegetables and fruits; fresh meats, fish, chicken, and eggs; raw nuts and seeds; and fresh salad greens.

•Avoid canned, processed, dyed, chemically flavored, frozen, additive-laden foods.

•Don’t buy roasted nuts. The process of high-heat roasting cause undesirable changes in the natural oils the nuts contain. In the body, this altered oil can promote formation of free radicals, dangerously unstable molecules capable of damaging healthy tissue and promoting the development of cancer. Choose only raw nuts and seeds. 

•Pass up luncheon meats (Spam, bacon, ham). They are loaded with refined sugars and cancer-causing nitrates.

•Steam your vegetables (if you cook them in water, you will lose much of their vitamin and mineral content). You can get a steamer that fits inside any pot in most houseware departments. Cook vegetables until they are almost tender, not soggy.  Raw vegetables are your best choice; they also make excellent snacks.

•Keep a lot of assorted nuts, sunflower seeds, apples, oranges, carrot sticks, celery, and other raw vegetables on hand for snacking

*A full list of symptoms can be found through Wikipedia, symptoms can be similar to alcohol withdrawal, which is dangerous and can be fatal. If you are worried, please contact your doctor or emergency department.

Adapted from Hypoglycemia from Alcoholism

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